White Wash Fireplace

I finally tackled a project that I have had on my “to-do” list for a while, and I am so happy with the results!  I’ve never been fond of the color of our brick fireplace…I thought white washing it would give it a rustic look and brighten up the room.  This past weekend, I was feeling motivated and my husband offered to watch the kids, so I decided to act on this opportunity!

Here is a before picture:


I mixed together 50/50 white latex paint and water in a small bucket.  I taped around the edges of the fireplace as well as around the mantle.  I kept a rag and wet paper towels handy since it was drippy and got messy.

I had a little helper to help me get started :).  It was tempting to go with her suggestion of painting the fireplace all different colors so that it would look like a rainbow.  We discussed it and decided white wash would look best :).


The project was finished just in time for dinner!  After the first coat, I  had to go back over a few areas to even it out.  It was messy, but not too difficult!  I liked how it turned out with a little bit of the brick showing through.

Final result:



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