Side gig


Partnering with entrepreneurs to deliver breakthrough skincare solutions and substantial income potential

I am a Rodan and Fields consultant.  I became a consultant after having our third child and decided to stay home.  It appealed to me because I was interested in finding something new for my skin, and I thought if I tried the products and liked them it would be fun to share it with other people and make a little extra money.  I have to say after using the products on my skin, I have absolutely loved how my skin looks and feels.  I started out using the Soothe regimen, because on and off, I battle itchy/dry red skin.  I was very pleased with my results after using Soothe.  I then tried the Redefine regimen and LOVE how healthy and smooth my skin looks.  I didn’t have terrible skin to begin with, but I notice a difference and feel good knowing I am taking care of my skin and doing what I can to keep it young and healthy.  I have never been one to wear foundation because I just don’t like putting stuff on my face and I was never good at it.  Rodan and Fields has given my skin that extra boost of a glow to be more confident not wearing make-up.

With this being said, I would love to share the gift of these products or this business with anyone interested.  Financial and time freedom is something this business has provided for so many families!!  I would love to help you get in on this ground floor opportunity!

Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields created Proactiv and have now turned their attention to anti-aging.  This company is the 2nd largest premium skincare company in the US and growing! We have expanded to Canada and the company is expanding to Australia in Fall 2016!  It is an exciting time to join this company!

So many great reasons to join this business:

  • Be your own boss
  • Flexible hours
  • Work from home or anywhere there is wifi
  • No need for inventory, web-based
  • No party requirements, but you can still have them 🙂
  • Access to tons of free resources and training from successful leaders in the business
  • Personal growth and development alongside amazing women and men while forming life-long friendships
  • Change your life and the lives of others through skincare and growing your business and team!

Contact me through this site if you are curious about the business or would like to try the products!!  I’d love to help you get started!