Bench Seat Cushion


When we bought our house a couple years ago, my daughter’s room came with these awesome built-ins.  I have been saying that I will make a bench cushion for the window seat in this room for over a year now, and I FINALLY did it!  It was so easy and fun!

Here is what you need:

  • fabric (I got mine from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft)
  • Foam (I got a 2 inch thick firm foam sheet off Amazon)
  • batting
  • plywood
  • staple gun
  • craft glue (optional)

First measure your bench:


Next, pick out and buy your fabric.  At Jo-Ann’s, you pick out your fabric and they cut it to the size you need.  I also bought my batting at Jo-Ann’s.  I bought my plywood at Home Depot, and they cut the length you need at the store as well.  I ordered my foam off Amazon, because it was cheapest there.

Ready to get started!  First, I had to cut down the length of my foam just a little.  I used one of our heavy duty kitchen knives for this task and it got the job done.

IMG_6473 IMG_6474

I then used some craft glue to attach the foam to the plywood.  Next I placed the fabric face down on the ground and layered the batting followed by the foam face down and plywood on top.


I then pulled the fabric tight (but not too tight) on one of the long sides and folded it up over the plywood to staple it to the plywood.


After both long sides were stapled, I folded the ends like wrapping a gift and stapled them.

IMG_6482 IMG_6483

And that is THAT!  DONE!  One thing I might suggest is to iron your fabric first if there are creases.